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06/24/1920 - 11/19/2007
Dexter Lewis (June 24, 1920 - November 19, 2007) died from a heart attack leaving to mourn his family-his wife Deborah, his son Alan,daughter Alice, three grandchildren and a bulk of loving relatives and friends.
11/19/1982 - 05/14/2009
Anita Falls, who passed away, May 14, 2009, was and will always be loved by her very large family and her close circle of friends. Anita was a kind and generous soul. She loved deeply all of those she had near her. She didn't know any oth...
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07/27/1928 - 03/24/2011
My grandfather Clifford William McMillan lived a wonderful life and was loved by all his family and friends. He was Born July27th, 1928 in Thorah Township, ON and passed away March 24th, 2011 resident of Beaverton ON. May everyone share photos and...
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11/10/1964 - 03/17/2009
Amanda Guendel, passed away on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, at the Bayou City Medical Center, Texas. Amanda was a great mom, who along with her husband Tom raised three sons. She will be remembered as a kind, gentle and loving woman who always put her...
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08/16/1956 - 07/23/2010
Ryan Bailey was a warrior among few. He was the strongest man alive and would never back down from anything or anyone. We cherished his knowledge and wisdom and will always try to honor and remember the things he taught us all.
03/12/1931 - 04/26/2004
Theodore Gregory Hopkins, a man with outstanding personality, recepient of numerous honours and possessor of countless achievments in the field of Psychiatry, was indeed, great father and husband, whose presence will be missed!
04/08/1981 - 09/13/2010
James McDaniels passed away Sept. 13, 2010. He is Loved and Missed by his family, his friends, his fellow soldiers.
03/23/1924 - 06/11/2008
Regina Schleper, age 84, passed away June 11, 2008, at Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints Medical Center. She was a prominent scientist, educator, as well as a great mother, wife and grandmother.
07/26/1953 - 12/08/2010
Rex Tarrbutton was born in Rocky Creek, Missouri on July 26th, 1953, the day of his parents' 3th Anniversary. The Rocky Creek area was his stomping grounds where he worked, hunted, fished, loved, and lived life to its fullest until December 8t...
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07/02/1914 - 12/06/1992
Abigail Elizabeth Temple was an extraordinary woman with a great artistic talent, vivid imagination and excellent sense of beauty, who lived an interesting life and will never be forgotten.
06/29/1938 - 04/15/2009
Marius Beek passed away April 15, 2009 at St. Claire’s Memorial Hospital, surrounded by his family and friends.
09/05/1920 - 11/25/2007
Patrick Richard Green passed away November 25, 2007. He was an incredible person. He combined the features of a loving and caring family man with those of a successful businessman and social leader. He was respected and will be remembered not...
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03/05/1948 - 08/16/2009
Robert Sherman House, 60, died Monday, August 16, 2009, at his home in North Carolina.  Rob was born March 5, 1948, in Pasadena, CA, to Walter F., Sr., and Mary Ann (Lucy Lee) House.
03/17/1935 - 10/12/2008
Deborah Dawson (March 17, 1935 - October 12, 2008) passed away unexpectedly at the age of 73 in the emergency room of Medical Center. She held the position of the leader in the family and in her professional life and was at the same time very...
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06/27/1943 - 03/19/2010
Julia Burgess, passed away March 19, 2010. She was born June 27, 1943, in Ottawa to the late Arnold and Doris Abbott. She was a member of First Church of God in Ottawa, and loved spending time at the pool with her grandchildren. Also, she was a lo...
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